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Slayed Uniques
Cubeman has landed a hit in 1 Unique battle(s).
Server Unique Time of Death Kill
Independence Black Dragon Kill
HotA Participation
Cubeman has conquered 2 HotA pillar(s).
Server Pillar Color HotA Start Time HotA Winner
Chaos Green JK HQ Alliance
Elevation Red Bear Force One
Founded & Disbanded Villages
Cubeman has been involved in the beginning or end of 1 village(s).
Server Village Found Time Disband Time
Chaos Capsalot
Global Spell Casts
Nothing to see here!
Conquered Towers
Cubeman has conquered 9 tower(s).
Server Tower Conquered Conquer Time
Chaos Addamm 66
Chaos Fsbkun 618
Chaos Omichh 842
Chaos Fsbkun 786
Chaos Addamm 346
Chaos Addamm 170
Chaos Hanyu 58
Chaos Alphawolfen 410
Chaos Horton 530
Champion History
Nothing to see here!
Kingdom Titles
Cubeman has held 13 kingdom title(s).
Server Kingdom Title Start End
Chaos Gratsalot Court Chef Currently Held
Chaos Gratsalot Head of the Secret Police Currently Held
Chaos Gratsalot Court Announcer Currently Held
Chaos Gratsalot Chief Currently Held
Chaos Jenn Kellon Royal Avenger
Chaos Jenn Kellon Royal Herald
Chaos Jenn Kellon Royal Herald
Chaos Jenn Kellon Royal Herald
Chaos Jenn Kellon Royal Herald
Chaos Jenn Kellon Court Jester
Chaos Jenn Kellon Royal Herald
Elevation The Roman Republic Court Jester Currently Held
Elevation Jenn-Kellon Court Jester
Mission Constructions
Nothing to see here!