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Slayed Uniques
Halvard has landed a hit in 3 Unique battle(s).
Server Unique Time of Death Kill
Exodus Black Dragon Hatchling Kill
Celebration White Dragon Kill
Pristine Forest Giant Kill
HotA Participation
Nothing to see here!
Founded & Disbanded Villages
Halvard has been involved in the beginning or end of 4 village(s).
Server Village Found Time Disband Time
Deliverance Quintaer
Deliverance Storval Castle
Independence Unicorn Land
Xanadu Dead Mountain
Global Spell Casts
Nothing to see here!
Conquered Towers
Halvard has conquered 1 tower(s).
Server Tower Conquered Conquer Time
Chaos Icenrns 882
Champion History
Halvard has been a champion the following 1 time(s).
Server Religion Start Time End Time Kills Deeds Drained
Chaos Nathan N/A (Active) 0 0
Kingdom Titles
Nothing to see here!
Mission Constructions
Nothing to see here!