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Slayed Uniques
Queens has landed a hit in 4 Unique battle(s).
Server Unique Time of Death Kill
Elevation Green Dragon Kill
Desertion Blue Dragon Hatchling Kill
Desertion Troll King Kill
Elevation Troll King Kill
HotA Participation
Queens has conquered 1 HotA pillar(s).
Server Pillar Color HotA Start Time HotA Winner
Elevation Yellow sAlts
Founded & Disbanded Villages
Nothing to see here!
Global Spell Casts
Nothing to see here!
Conquered Towers
Queens has conquered 2 tower(s).
Server Tower Conquered Conquer Time
Elevation Sarturius 714
Elevation Sarturius 794
Champion History
Nothing to see here!
Kingdom Titles
Nothing to see here!
Mission Constructions
Queens has built 3 mission building(s).
Server Construction Name Construction Time
Elevation Runnings Trophy
Elevation Pathway To Oracle
Elevation Dreams' Gate