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Slayed Uniques
Tarkie has landed a hit in 3 Unique battle(s).
Server Unique Time of Death Kill
Exodus Black Dragon Hatchling Kill
Deliverance Black Dragon Hatchling Kill
Independence Kyklops Kill
HotA Participation
Nothing to see here!
Founded & Disbanded Villages
Tarkie has been involved in the beginning or end of 7 village(s).
Server Village Found Time Disband Time
Xanadu Hillside Heights
Independence Menzoberranzan
Exodus Stonewind
Elevation Cannae
Xanadu Svitjod Borg
Xanadu Phoenix Rise
Celebration The Zen Den
Global Spell Casts
Nothing to see here!
Conquered Towers
Nothing to see here!
Champion History
Nothing to see here!
Kingdom Titles
Nothing to see here!
Mission Constructions
Nothing to see here!