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Slayed Uniques
Tpikol has landed a hit in 8 Unique battle(s).
Server Unique Time of Death Kill
Xanadu Black Dragon Kill
Deliverance Fierce Green Dragon Hatchling Kill
Deliverance Goblin Leader Kill
Celebration Red Dragon Kill
Deliverance Scared Forest Giant Kill
Deliverance Kyklops Kill
Deliverance Troll King Kill
Deliverance Goblin Leader Kill
HotA Participation
Tpikol has conquered 2 HotA pillar(s).
Server Pillar Color HotA Start Time HotA Winner
Chaos Yellow Ebo Are Us
Chaos Clear Ebo Are Us
Founded & Disbanded Villages
Tpikol has been involved in the beginning or end of 7 village(s).
Server Village Found Time Disband Time
Xanadu Dark Portal
Deliverance Temporia
Deliverance Magnos Omicron
Xanadu Oakenvale Highlands
Xanadu Hunt Trails
Xanadu Demencia
Xanadu Demented Works
Global Spell Casts
Nothing to see here!
Conquered Towers
Tpikol has conquered 2 tower(s).
Server Tower Conquered Conquer Time
Chaos Landlord 282
Chaos Omegaforce 490
Champion History
Tpikol has been a champion the following 1 time(s).
Server Religion Start Time End Time Kills Deeds Drained
Chaos Nahjo 13 0
Kingdom Titles
Tpikol has held 2 kingdom title(s).
Server Kingdom Title Start End
Chaos Ebonaura Chief
Chaos Ebonaura Lover
Mission Constructions
Nothing to see here!