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Server Village Name Founded Time Founded By Disbanded Time Disbanded By
Elevation A Deed Some Deed Briel Briel
Exodus A Deed Sponsored By Visa Influenza Influenza
Elevation A Freedom Deed Jock Alexgopen
Celebration A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed Mranderson Upkeep
Independence A Very Random Deed Name For No Reason Cheesevii Pizzai
Exodus A Very Unique Deed Indeed Joeix Joeix
Xanadu Aliance Mining Deed Achol Achol
Sklotopolis Alrianne Deed Alrianne Thaurissan
Deliverance Another Beehive Deed Zirconacid Zirconacid
Exodus Another Lame Deed Arium Arium
Xanadu Another Lame Generic Deedname Arium Arium
Xanadu Another Temporary Deed Nolota Nolota
Celebration Another Trader Deed Alagrexa Alagrexa
Sklotopolis Ausimus's Deed Unknown Unknown deleted
Exodus Bastet's Deed Bastet Bastet
Exodus Da Deed Shrimpiie Shrimpiie
Deliverance Dasterdly's Deed Dirkdasterdly Upkeep
Deliverance Dead Man's Deed Corpselight Hedgehog
Wyvern Reborn Deed Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Elevation Deed Rakki Rakki
Elevation Deed Tula Tula
Elevation Deed Woodman Enki
Xanadu Deed Xcapi Upkeep
Exodus Deed Zarmazarmaex Zarmazarmaex
Exodus Deed Ceno Cenotaph
Deliverance Deed Heng
Wyvern Reborn Deed Unknown Unknown Fiben
Exodus Deed Heng Upkeep
Xanadu Deed Decay Ftw Nathaniel Nathaniel
Pristine Deed Founders Be Like Deed Founder Noise Oblivionnreaver Oblivionnreaver
Exodus Deed It Or Loose It Riderpl Riderpl
Chaos Deed Spam Madnezz Janekpolaczek
Sklotopolis Deeders Diet Deeddieter Deeddieter
Xanadu Deedy Mcdeedface Unholyson Upkeep
Deliverance Dirty Deed Woadspy Woadspy
Release Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap Geisha
Xanadu Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Sheep Pagani Omgderp
Pristine Dirty Deeds Done With Deed Stakes Oblivionnreaver Minerguy
Exodus Don't Ask What This Deed Is For Shellbee Shellbee
Xanadu Dunroamen Deed Draxler Upkeep
Xanadu Eden Tunnel Temp Deed Antonslavick Antonslavick
Deliverance Emergency Deed Plz Help Azjherben
Release Fake Deeds For Fake People Oblivionnreaver Oblivionnreaver
Xanadu Flash Deed Killemall Killemall
Deliverance Guard Tower Demo Temp Deed Norsewinds Norsewinds
Sklotopolis Her Virtual Deed Mailen Thaurissan
Sklotopolis His Virtual Deed Nubs Thaurissan
Chaos Hota Trap Deed Reddragon Reddragon
Release I Deed It Lordcat Upkeep
Deliverance Indeed Whiteoak Upkeep