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Server Village Name Founded Time Founded By Disbanded Time Disbanded By
Xanadu A Moonlit Daydream Sugarfoxx Sugarfoxx
Xanadu Aramoor Exodusofsound Upkeep
Xanadu Aramoor Frincel Upkeep
Release Ashemoore Xeneaux Xeneaux
Exodus Balmoor Castle Pip Pip
Exodus Balmoor Estates Pooh Upkeep
Xanadu Belmoor Captnk Upkeep
Sklotopolis Bilgemoor Unknown Unknown Thaurissan
Pristine Bitter Moon Methos Methos
Desertion Black Moon Castle Punch Upkeep
Celebration Blackmoon Merchants Zalmo
Independence Blackmoor Shrimpiie
Independence Blackmoor Shrimpiie Shrimpiie
Affliction Blackmoor Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Xanadu Blood Moon Hill Anouca Anouca
Sklotopolis Bloodmoon Death Death
Sklotopolis Bloodmoon Unknown Unknown Thaurissan
Independence Bloodmoon Bay Hawkyn
Independence Bloodmoon Bay Hawkyn Hawkyn
Pristine Bloodmoon Bay Shockwave Shockwave
Exodus Bloodmoon Cove Belesar
Independence Bloodmoon Keep Hawkyn Hawkyn
Independence Bloodmoon Keep Kruggan Hawkyn
Chaos Bloodmoon Lagoon Unknown Unknown Brigander
Independence Bloodmoon Shallows Aslanne
Xanadu Bluemoon Trysh
Xanadu Boarshead Moor Inasriel Inasriel
Xanadu Claymoor Datamined Datamined
Sklotopolis Coven Of Moonlight Fae Kitiara
Xanadu Cows Say Moo Mimma Minnasaulus
Release Darkmoon Rising Purplewolfe
Independence Darkmoon Rising Silvirwolfe Silvirwolfe
Xanadu Darkmoon Rising Unknown Unknown Mimithir
Xanadu Darmoon Rising Silvirwolfe
Pristine Darq Bloodmoon Bridge Project Darqvink
Xanadu Dirty Moon's Dirt Shop Moonshiner Sanrina
Sklotopolis Dyermoon Niche Papasmurf Thaurissan
Independence East Moon Wicodech
Xanadu Ebonmoor Castle Orthanis
Independence Exmoor Littlrichard Littlrichard
Xanadu Fairmoor Caderadan Upkeep
Release Fairmoor Caderadan Caderadan
Exodus Fort Moonmoth Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Xanadu Freymoor Nemroth Upkeep
Sklotopolis Fullmoon Ridge Moonking
Pristine Garden Of The Viridian Moon Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Deliverance Gardens Of The Moon Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Xanadu Glenmoor Gregrun Upkeep
Pristine Glenmoor Raurio Upkeep
Deliverance Glenmoore Fain Upkeep