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Server Village Name Founded Time Founded By Disbanded Time Disbanded By
Xanadu A Million Memories Myriad Upkeep
Pristine Aloria Belgerion Cynni
Xanadu Anitori Nekoras Nekoras
Pristine Anitori Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Pristine Anitori Echopraxie Upkeep
Xanadu Arboria Audranna Upkeep
Sklotopolis Arboria Greg
Independence Arcane Laboratories Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Desertion Arkoria Thatdamnkid
Deliverance Astoria Koroth Koroth
Deliverance Astoria Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Deliverance Astoria Koroth Koroth
Deliverance Astoria Basin Awen Awen
Deliverance Astoria Basin Awen Awen
Deliverance Astoria Basin Awen
Deliverance Astoria Basin Awen Awen
Independence Averthoria Averthus Averthus
Independence Averthoria Averthus Upkeep
Release Azorius Harbor Mikaeli Mikaeli
Release Baldoria Furash Upkeep
Release Baldoria Furash Furash
Wyvern Reborn Bell Laboratories Kremlin Upkeep
Deliverance Blue Horizon Sanrina Sanrina
Chaos Brave Omnipotent Territorial Endeavours Widnes
Xanadu Cartoria Capricius
Xanadu Cartoria Capricius Upkeep
Chaos Castra Praetoria Umbranik Umbranik
Sklotopolis Chateau De Victoria Victoria
Xanadu Cori Celesti Locath Upkeep
Xanadu Corinth Perseus Perseus
Sklotopolis Dantedoori Octano Octano
Exodus Dark Horizon Agusta Upkeep
Chaos Delirium Memorial Outpost Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Independence Deworio Unknown Unknown Bonegetter
Independence Dolorian Lorkon Lorkon
Pristine Doriath Archon Archon
Pristine Doriath Archon Upkeep
Independence Eastern Horizon Unknown Unknown Faelia
Xanadu Echoes Of Moria Tandano
Sklotopolis Edge Of The World Emporium Ebony Andrealynn
Xanadu Eloria Aridean Upkeep
Xanadu Elorian Citadel Horologium Upkeep
Xanadu Eternal Sanctum Port Authority Bashful Upkeep
Wyvern Reborn Eternum Valoris Warden
Celebration Euphoric Zenshaman Zenshaman
Deliverance Event Horizon Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Serenity Exoria Meta Meta
Elevation Exoria Unknown Unknown Mallaboro
Exodus Exoria Mallaboro Slicer
Deliverance Exoria Exor