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Server Village Name Founded Time Founded By Disbanded Time Disbanded By
Chaos Falcon's Overwatch Ninpo Upkeep
Xanadu Overwatch Kravit Upkeep
Pristine Overwatch Marxus Upkeep
Independence Overwatch Rararagequit Upkeep
Xanadu Overwatch Camobeast Camobeast
Pristine Overwatch Daneyko
Independence Overwatch Rararagequit Upkeep
Pristine Overwatch Acres Vollos Upkeep
Xanadu Overwatch Hill Xixseanxix Upkeep
Xanadu Passage Overwatch Pinadien Pinadien
Independence Skyreach Overwatch Cathor
Independence The Overwatch Roxxigar Roxxigar
Xanadu The Overwatch Roxxigar Roxxigar
Release Western Sea Overwatch Ntxtreme Upkeep