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Server Village Name Founded Time Founded By Disbanded Time Disbanded By
Xanadu Among The Shadows Flawedfromdesign Upkeep
Independence Asylum Of Shadows Kylebooze Kylebooze
Independence Cove Of Shadows Zenmaster Upkeep
Exodus Devil Shadows Valhelsing Upkeep
Independence Garden Of Shadows Wargasm
Pristine Garden Of Shadows Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Xanadu Geometry Of Shadows Thorrson
Xanadu Land Of Shadows Shodakai Upkeep
Exodus Moonlight Shadows Pumpernickel
Independence Shadows Unknown Unknown Shadowlurker
Release Shadows Lealea Upkeep
Xanadu Shadows Calling Shadowz
Xanadu Shadows Edge Lanmar Upkeep
Independence Shadows Fall Shadowwolf Shadowwolf
Xanadu Shadows Keep Unknown Unknown Oriss
Independence Shadows Keep Shadowwolf Upkeep
Xanadu Shadows On High Jonquil Creation
Pristine Shadows Reach Seven Upkeep
Sklotopolis Shadows Rest Unknown Unknown Thaurissan
Xanadu Shadows Smith Udyr
Xanadu Shadowstone Keep Rustpuppy Upkeep
Xanadu Shadowstone Landing Browndog Upkeep
Xanadu Shadowstone Rise Auburnhound Upkeep
Xanadu Shadowstorm Shaco Ricardor
Xanadu Silver Shadows Ishla Ishla
Xanadu Silver Shadows Ishla Ishla
Deliverance Surreal Shadows Mishia Krexis