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Server Village Name Founded Time Founded By Disbanded Time Disbanded By
Xanadu Another Temporary Construction Zone Hardol Hardol
Xanadu Another Temporary Deed Nolota Nolota
Xanadu Ators Temple Of Faith Ator Ator
Sklotopolis Attempted Rescue Andol
Serenity Black Phoenix Temple Unknown Unknown Dansker
Sklotopolis Black Templars Unknown Unknown deleted
Celebration Cloud Ruler Temple Reuxor Reuxor
Sklotopolis Cloud Ruler Temple Rambo
Independence Cloudy Temple Zeusy Zeusy
Xanadu Contemplation Exiled Trek
Independence Contemplation Whome
Celebration Deserted Temple Lezer Upkeep
Xanadu Don't Bother Congratulating Me It's Temp Elwindzer Quarry
Independence Dragon Temple Mamasan
Deliverance Drakespirit Temple Takinshikaze Upkeep
Xanadu Eden Tunnel Temp Deed Antonslavick Antonslavick
Xanadu Faldor's Temple Tempelier Tempelier
Xanadu Fo's Sacrad Garden Temple Darkoden Upkeep
Independence Force Temple Forceborn Forceborn
Sklotopolis Fort Templemen Avalon Thaurissan
Release Foxvale Temp Outpost Maethor Maethor
Deliverance Guard Tower Demo Temp Deed Norsewinds Norsewinds
Deliverance Harmony Pass - Temple Harmonie
Pristine Horse Hoof Temple Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Celebration Its Temp Deed So Idc Bilbopk Bilbopk
Affliction Just Temp Weedeater Weedeater
Xanadu Katehnas Temple Kathenahawkwing Kathenahawkwing
Exodus King's Temple Pina Pina
Xanadu Knights Templar Tunnel North Quarry
Xanadu Knights Templar Tunnel South Dorf
Pristine Korona Tempest Unknown Unknown Dahria
Xanadu Last Temptation Morkai
Release Last Temptation Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Desertion Le Temporary Respite Botanist Upkeep
Sklotopolis Looting Temp Phillipii Phillipii
Exodus Mad Flying Goat Temple Aikanaro Anariel
Xanadu Maes Knoll Temple Dionizy Dionizy
Xanadu Maes Knoll Temple Buddha Buddha
Xanadu Maes Knoll Temple Dariuspl
Xanadu Monk Temple Scninja Upkeep
Xanadu More Temporary Than Vince Offers Career Ravenoffaith
Xanadu Myrka Temple Ashlirose Sassimanx
Sklotopolis Naih's Temporary Buildy Boat Base Naih Naih
Celebration Ordi Templi's Canal Aela Aela
Celebration Ordo Templi Celebris Tailosdenmark Tailosdenmark
Deliverance Puerto Templario Antonivs
Chaos Requiem De Tempar Aramisii
Xanadu Rh Temp Ronanxx Stomper
Wyvern Reborn Seekers Temple Greldik
Exodus Shaolin Temple Falgorn Upkeep