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Server Village Name Founded Time Founded By Disbanded Time Disbanded By
Xanadu Einherjer Of Valhalla Antillian Upkeep
Xanadu Halls Of Valhalla Stables Ryorai Caramelsnaps
Exodus Sons Of Valhalla Irondragon Upkeep
Celebration Valhalla Fooli
Xanadu Valhalla Hellaquin Hellaquin
Desertion Valhalla Pvtpile Pvtpile
Valhalla Legrimm
Release Valhalla Manitu Manitu
Chaos Valhalla Baldeagleog Upkeep
Wyvern Reborn Valhalla Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Release Valhalla Gerwand Upkeep
Serenity Valhalla Unknown Unknown Articlord
Independence Valhalla Hotasha Upkeep
Exodus Valhalla Valerea Upkeep
Xanadu Valhalla Paratamizer
Release Valhalla Nativechaos Upkeep
Independence Valhalla Cyz Cyz
Exodus Valhalla Snads Upkeep
Celebration Valhalla Keighly Upkeep
Elevation Valhalla Articlord
Xanadu Valhalla - Kingdom Of Vikings Sevenz Sevenz
Elevation Valhalla Boat Dock Mokone Upkeep
Exodus Valhalla Lumber Inc Tasolth Tasolth
Serenity Valhalla Plantation Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Elevation Valhalla Plantation Mokone
Deliverance Valhalla Port Silas Upkeep
Sklotopolis Valhalla Port Unknown Unknown Thaurissan
Sklotopolis Valhalla Port Brandenburg
Sklotopolis Valhalla Station Unknown Unknown Thaurissan
Elevation Valhalla's Hunting Lodge Tools
Serenity Valhalla's Hunting Lodge Unknown Unknown Upkeep
Release Valhalla's Rest Unknown Unknown Krawford