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Player names are unique across different Universes. For example, Wurm Online has only one "Rolf".

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Jonathon has been involved in 1 Unique fight.
Server Unique Died On
Goblin Leader

Conquered HotA Pillars
Jonathon has conquered 0 HotA Pillars.
Server Pillar Color HotA Winner HotA Start Time
This player has not conquered any HotA Pillars.
Jonathon has founded or disbanded 3 Settlements.
Server Settlement Name Founded On Disbanded On
Tarraco Nova
Tarraco Nova
Wolves Beyond The Bo...

Global Spell Casts
Jonathon has cast 0 Global Spells.
Server Spell Name Cast On
This player has not cast any Global Spells.

Conquered Towers
Jonathon has conquered 0 Towers.
Server Tower Name Founded On
This player has not conquered any Towers.

Jonathon has been a Champion 0 times.
Cluster God Began On Ended On Kills Drains Points
This player has never been a Champion.

Kingdom Titles
Jonathon has held 0 Kingdom Titles.
Cluster Kingdom Title Granted On Lost On
This player has never held a Kingdom Title.

Mission Constructions
Jonathon has constructed 1 Mission building.
Server Name Constructed On
Trophy Of Roundabout

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