Server Populations
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Global Spell Casts
Server Rite of Spring Holy Crop Ritual of the Sun Rite of Death
71d ago
36d ago
9d ago
209d ago
Mission Constructions
Server Name Constructed By Constructed On
There are no recent Mission Constructions to show.
Server Winner Name Reward Item Won On
There are no Winners to show.
Lightning Strikes
Server Player Name Struck On
There are no Lightning Strikes to show.
Living Uniques
Server Unique Name Born On
Green Dragon Hatchling

Note: Wurm Online stopped announcing new Unique spawns on 2019-06-27. Any Uniques shown above spawned before that date.

Recently Deceased Uniques
Server Unique Name Slayers Died On
There are no recently deceased Uniques to show.
New Settlements
Server Settlement Founded By Founded On
There are no new Settlements to show.
Disbanded Settlements
Server Settlement Disbanded By Disbanded On
There are no disbanded Settlements to show.

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