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Player names are unique across different Universes. For example, Wurm Online has only one "Rolf".

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Baija has been involved in 0 Unique fights.
Server Unique Died On
This player has not been involved in any Unique fights.

Conquered HotA Pillars
Baija has conquered 0 HotA Pillars.
Server Pillar Color HotA Winner HotA Start Time
This player has not conquered any HotA Pillars.
Baija has founded or disbanded 4 Settlements.
Server Settlement Name Founded On Disbanded On
Sklotopolis (Novus)
Tunnel Repair
Sklotopolis (Novus)
Liberty Hop
Sklotopolis (Novus)
Path Of Power With G...
Sklotopolis (Novus)
Tunnel Repair

Global Spell Casts
Baija has cast 0 Global Spells.
Server Spell Name Cast On
This player has not cast any Global Spells.

Conquered Towers
Baija has conquered 0 Towers.
Server Tower Name Founded On
This player has not conquered any Towers.

Baija has been a Champion 0 times.
Cluster God Began On Ended On Kills Drains Points
This player has never been a Champion.

Kingdom Titles
Baija has held 0 Kingdom Titles.
Cluster Kingdom Title Granted On Lost On
This player has never held a Kingdom Title.

Mission Constructions
Baija has constructed 0 Mission buildings.
Server Name Constructed On
This player has never constructed a mission building.